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Sisalation® Insulation maintains a constant and comfortable temperature in a building by preventing heat transfer between indoor and outdoor climates, keeping the heat in during winter and out during summer.

The Benefits of Sisalation®

sisalationTemperature Control: Sisalation® has proved
effective and beneficial in building in the
comfort factor, keeping the home cooler in summer and
warmer in winter.

sisalationDustproofs: Keeping the home as dust free as
possible can be an important factor in reducing
allergens in the air we breathe, thus reducing allergy and
asthma symptoms.

sisalationVapour Barrier: Sisalation ® prevents moisture
being introduced into the ceiling by outside
weather conditions such as rain, humidity or condensation.


sisalationEconomical: Easy to install Sisalation® is
maintenance free and long-lasting. And, because
Sisalation® saves money through reduced electricity usage it will
pay for itself... over and over again!

sisalationEnvironmentally-friendly: The use of Sisalation® will impact positively on the
environment. It helps reduce environmental pollution and
the consumption of natural resources and also reduces noise
pollution. Not only does it reduce greenhouse gas emissions
it also contains no ozone depleting substances.sisalation


Sisalation® 405 is a light grammage, durable, double sided
reflective foil laminate incorporating layers of aluminium
foil, high strength kraft paper and reinforcing scrim
bonded together with a binder.

Sisalation® 405 when used in conjunction with an
airspace is an effective thermal insulating membrane due
to the high reflectivity and low emissivity of its aluminium
foil surfaces.
This combination makes an excellent barrier to heat flow
via radiation.

1250 mm x 40 m (50 m2)
Effective coverage including 150mm overlap (44 m2)
Roll mass ±8,49 kg

Minimum Value
Tensile strength  (kN/m) - (Minimum Value)
Longitudinal direction 7 (Minimum Value)
Transverse direction 5 (Minimum Value)
Water vapour permeance, g/(s.MN) <0,002 (Minimum Value)
Burst strength kPa 400 (Minimum Value)
Emissivity of foil surface < 0,05 (Minimum Value)
Nominal grammage g/m2 163 (Minimum Value)
Category A


Tested in accordance with SABS 1381-4:2009


Resistance to Acids & Alkalis:
Poor, Sisalation® must not be used in contact with
wet concrete or exposed continuously to corrosive

Resistance to Copper:
Poor, Sisalation® must not come into contact with
copper surfaces, due to electrolytic action.

Excellent in normal building applications,
however extended direct outdoor exposure is not

recommended. Should unusual conditions exist,
the suitability of the material should be established
by contacting a technical representative of the


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