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Most ducted air-conditioning systems are controlled by a single thermostat, usually located in the passage. Since the single thermostat can only sense the temperature in one location, the system cannot compensate for variations in heat load throughout the house. Therefore it is impossible to maintain the required temperature in each zone.  With TQMS Zone Control System fitted to the ducted air-conditioning, and through the use of multi-thermostats, dampers and a Logic Panel, you can customize each room or zone to the occupant’s temperature preference. For example, the bedrooms could be set at a snug 21° C while the living area could be set at 23° C and any zones that are not being occupied can be switched off.

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As the set temperature in each zone is reached, the volume control damper in the ductwork closes, the bypass damper opens, allowing the conditioned air coming off the coil to bypass the zones and return directly back to the coil, without losing or gaining any temperature from the zones, thereby reducing the load on the compressor which in turn results in up to 60% power consumption saving on an inverter compressor ac unit, and a significant saving on the standard compressor ac unit. There are also savings in maintenance costs due to the reduced load on the equipment.

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The TQMS Zone Control System is designed to work with most brands of ducted air-conditioning equipment.  Each zone has its own thermostat and an air volume control damper in the ducting that supplies the air, which is wired directly to the logic panel. The thermostat in the zone is set to the required temperature and the damper is controlled by the logic panel, opening and closing the damper proportionately to maintain the required temperature in the zone. Temperatures are kept comfortable throughout the house or office all day and all night.

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